Adult Survivors Act

The Firm is actively representing survivors to pursue sexual abuse cases under New York’s Adult Survivors Act. The new law allows adult victims (people who were 18 or older at the time of the abuse) a one-time opportunity to file civil lawsuits in New York, even if any statutes of limitations have otherwise run out. The one-year window to file claims will open in November 2022.

Our Adult Survivors Act work builds on the Firm’s experience successfully representing numerous individuals who have suffered sexual harassment, assault, or abuse in a variety of contexts, including employment, housing, and education, among others. The firm has pursued sexual abuse cases against employers, schools, the Boy Scouts, and other institutions and perpetrators. While some of these cases resulted in litigation, many of these cases were settled through confidential mediations.

The Firm was also involved in advocacy for the enactment of the Adult Survivors Act. In an op-ed published in City Limits, ECBAWM partner Debbie Greenberger argued that New York State should overhaul the statute of limitations for sexual abuse “to ensure that victims, no matter their age, have continuing access to the courts.” In an opinion piece published in City & State, ECBAWM partner Zoe Salzman advocated for New York to pass the Adult Survivors Act: “With a new governor at the helm and a new legislative session that began this month, New York’s leaders have another chance to pass this important law.”