ECBAWM Attorneys Earn Recognition from ALM for $143 Million Class Settlement in Delayed Bail Case

  • July 31, 2023

ECBAWM’s work in obtaining at least $143 million for people whose post-bail release was delayed by the New York City Department of Corrections has earned partners Debbie GreenbergerJulia P. Kuan, and Matthew D. Brinckerhoff, Of Counsel Vasudha Talla and Paralegal Carlos Martinez-Montes Runner-Up honors in American Lawyer Media’s Litigator of the Week column.

Under the terms of the settlement reached in October 2022, the City agreed to pay $3,500 per instance for individuals who experienced delays in their release after posting bail. Claims have been filed for 43% of available instances—exceeding the City’s expectations by almost double, a number U.S. District Judge for the Southern District of New York John G. Koetl called “stunning.”

To ensure those who qualified for the settlement were aware of the case and the claims process, the firm worked with a settlement administrator to: develop a case-specific website; place newspaper, TV, radio, and social media ads; send direct physical and email notices; and place physical advertisements on the subway and provided notices to homeless shelters, rehab facilities, addiction treatment centers and religious organizations. The administrator also partnered with criminal justice organizations Freedom Agenda, VOCAL-NY, and the Youth Justice Network to distribute information to those audiences.

Claims will continue to be accepted through at least December 9, 2023, which could increase the total amount the City must pay.

If you or someone you know may be eligible to file a claim, please visit


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