Kathryn Ravey


Kathryn joined ECBAWM as a paralegal in 2019, after graduating from University College London with her master’s degree in Human Rights Law. Prior to receiving her degree, Kathryn worked for the Tahirih Justice Center, where she worked with and advocated for immigrant survivors of gender-based violence. Previously, Kathryn was a Werner Fornos Fellow at the Population Institute, where she conducted qualitative data analysis to measure the effectiveness of reproductive health education in rural Haiti, and a Mame Reily Fellow with the Democratic National Committee, where she worked with the Democratic National Women’s Caucus to expand women’s political efficacy. Kathryn has worked with non-profit organizations in India, advocating for women’s access to secondary education, and in Northern Ireland, promoting peaceful reconciliation within divided communities. Having over three years of experience in social science research and professional advocacy, Kathryn remains dedicated to promoting justice and engendering human rights throughout her professional and personal life.


Ravey, K. (2019) “Rebuilding the Foundations: Exploring Socio-Economic Justice within Northern Ireland’s Reconciliation Efforts,” International Public Policy Journal

Ravey, Kathryn. Equity within Economic, Social and Cultural Rights: Unpacking the Standard of “Maximum Available Resources” (2019)


University College London, M.A., 2019

St. Olaf College, B.A., 2016