Case Challenging Housing Discrimination Against Families Has Settled

  • September 18, 2015

A federal court has approved a settlement in a case brought by ECBAWM challenging an “age-targeted” development project on Kensington Road in the Village of Bronxville. ECBAWM filed suit on behalf of Westchester Residential Opportunities, Inc. (“WRO”), against Bronxville and its chosen developer, Gateway Kensington LLC, alleging that the age-targeted project discriminated against families with children in violation of the Fair Housing Act and New York State Human Rights Law.

After the lawsuit was filed, Bronxville amended the Village Code to eliminate the provision for age-targeted development. In the settlement approved by the court, the Village agreed to pay $95,000 in damages and attorneys’ fees and to issue a new permit for the Kensington Road project that is not age-targeted.

The defendants also agreed to attend a training on fair housing laws. In addition, the Village will host a public workshop and distribute a brochure on fair housing laws. The Mayor of Bronxville will also issue a statement explaining that the project is not age-targeted and that families with children are welcome in Bronxville. The defendants denied the allegations and did not admit liability.

WRO was represented by ECBAWM attorneys Diane L. Houk and Zoe Salzman.