Bronx Criminal Court. Bronx Criminal Court.

The Bronx Criminal Court Delay Case

Full Name: Trowbridge et al., v. DiFiore et al., No. 16-CV-3455 (GBD)(GWG)

To support the institutional reform of New York City’s Courts, the firm filed a lawsuit challenging widespread delays in misdemeanor cases in Bronx Criminal Court. Since the May 2016 filing of the lawsuit, Trowbridge v. DiFiore, the number of misdemeanor cases pending for more than a year in the Bronx dropped from 2,378 to 513. The number of misdemeanor cases pending for more than two years dropped from 538 to 64.

The settlement agreement allows the plaintiffs to monitor the court system for four years and to re-open the case if not enough progress is made. It also creates a new mechanism for people charged with misdemeanors to request a speedy trial, at which point the court system will be required to track the progress of their case.

The Firm was co-counsel with The Bronx Defenders, and Morrison & Foerster, LLP.