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Ilann Margalit Maazel

Ilann M. Maazel is nationally recognized for helping the most vulnerable: survivors of sexual abuse, disability abuse, bullyingpolice abuse, prison abuse, wrongful convictions, and all forms of discrimination. Mr. Maazel helped save the High Line in New York City, led the 2016 presidential recount effort in Pennsylvania, and has brought class actions to end the tampon tax, end delays in Bronx Criminal Court, provide services to disabled preschool children, reduce violence in New York City prisons, and defend millions of Americans surveilled by the National Security Agency.

As a commercial litigator, Mr. Maazel defeated Donald Trump and has represented Martha Stewart, the Apollo Theater, Everytown for Gun Safety, the NAACP, Newegg, the Children’s Aid Society, The New York Foundling, the New York City Council, and executives and employees in financial services, health care, fashion, advertising, academia, and the non-profit sector.

Mr. Maazel is one of City and State’s 2023 Law Power 100, an eleven-time “Super Lawyer” (2012-2022), Lawdragon 500 Leading Civil Rights Lawyer (2021-2022), Legal Services Pro Bono Leader, Legal Aid Society Pro Bono Publico award winner, Coro Leadership fellow, former Fellow of the Litigation Counsel of America, and recipient of an Echoing Green Public Service Fellowship, awarded to “outstanding individuals who are committed to public service work.”

Mr. Maazel has been published in USA TODAY, the Chicago Tribune, the Washington Post, and the National Law Journal. He blogs for, writes the civil rights litigation column for the New York Law Journal and is a frequent commentator on civil rights issues in the national media. His work has been featured on The Weekly, NPR, The Brian Lehrer Show, and the Oscar-winning documentary Citizenfour. He has guest lectured at Columbia Law School and The Cooper Union.

Mr. Maazel joined the firm after clerking for the Hon. John M. Walker, Jr. on the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit.

Mr. Maazel is also a writer, pianist, and composer.

Representative Cases:

  • Disability Rights: cases include the “Bronx Zoo” case ($6 million settlement and reform), Jonathan Carey ($5 million settlement), J.H. ($3 million settlement), B.W. ($2.25 million settlement mid-trial), Eddie Velasquez ($2.25 million settlement), K.C. ($2.25 million settlement), M.F. ($1.25 million settlement), G.B. ($1.25 million settlement), and Ricky Weisenberg.
  • Children’s Rights: represent victims of bullying and harassment (T.E., $4.48 million settlement), school misconduct (including the P.S. 186 case), and foster care abuse. Also represent students in academic and non-academic disciplinary matters throughout the country in universities, and public and private elementary and high schools.
  • Wrongful Conviction and Prisoners’ Rights: Represent wrongfully convicted prisoners (including Kareem Bellamy, $8 million settlement; Martin Nnodimele, $2 million settlement). Helped free Christopher Ellis, Anthony Sims, and Amaury Bonilla. Co-counsel in Ingles v. Toro, resulting in one of the most sweeping injunctive settlements in the history of the New York City prison system and $2.2 million in damages for the named plaintiffs.
  • Wrongful Death/Personal Injury: represented families of the three Badger girls who died in the Stamford Christmas Day fire (over $12 million in settlements), Esther Penn (confidential settlement), and Kim Barry (confidential settlement).
  • Employee rights: represent victims of racial, national origin, sexual, disability, and religious harassment and discrimination in employment.
  • Executive Employment: represented executives and employees in employment and severance matters with JPMorgan, Credit Suisse, Bear Stearns, hedge funds, and other companies in financial services, health care, fashion, advertising, and in the non-profit sector.
  • Voting Rights: litigated voting rights cases in the 2016, 2008, and 2000 presidential elections.
  • Land Use: represented the New York City Council and Friends of the High Line in the case that helped save the High Line from imminent demolition.
  • Criminal Defense: clients have included Martha Stewart in United States v. Stewart.
  • Commercial Litigation: represent clients in wide variety of commercial disputes, including partnership, contract, malpractice, and real estate matters. Defeated $45 million real estate lawsuit by Donald Trump.


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University of Michigan, J.D., magna cum laude, 1997

Order of the Coif

Harvard University, B.A., magna cum laude, 1993

Harvard National Scholar (in recognition of “unusual academic, extracurricular and personal distinction”)
Harvard Scholarship for “academic work of high distinction”


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