The National Jewish Democratic Council Files Anti-SLAPP Suit Against Sheldon Adelson

  • September 26, 2018

The National Jewish Democratic Council (“NJDC”) and Marc R. Stanley filed a lawsuit against casino magnate Sheldon Adelson in the Southern District of New York. The case seeks damages from Mr. Adelson’s previous filing of a strategic case against public policy, or “SLAPP” suit, against the NJDC in 2012. After five years of litigation, two federal courts and the Supreme Court of Nevada all found that Adelson’s lawsuit against the NJDC should be dismissed because it was a SLAPP suit. Nevada’s anti-SLAPP statute provides that those, like the NJDC, who prevail on a motion to dismiss a SLAPP suit may bring a new case of their own to recover the damages they suffered from that suit. The Plaintiffs are represented by ECBAWM partners Richard D. Emery and O. Andrew F. Wilson.

“Jewish Democratic group sues Sheldon Adelson for ‘legal sadism,'” Jewish Telegraphic Agency
“National Jewish Democratic Council Sues Sheldon Adelson for Damages, Alleging ‘Legal Sadism,'”
“Casino mogul accused of engaging in ‘legal sadism’ against Jewish group,” New York Post