Notice of Suit Sent to Over 13,000 Pfizer Pharmaceutical Representatives

  • January 21, 2011

On January 21, 2011 notice was mailed to approximately 13,500 former and current Pfizer pharmaceutical representatives, informing them that they have until April 21, 2011 to join Coultrip v. Pfizer, 06 Civ. 9952 (SDNY), which is a lawsuit pending in federal court in New York that challenges Pfizer’s failure to pay pharmaceutical representatives overtime. Over 1,000 Pfizer representatives have already joined the suit. Until July 2010, this case was stayed pending an appellate court ruling in a similar case against Novartis. In July 2010 the appellate court in that case ruled that Novartis pharmaceutical representatives are protected by the Fair Labor Standards Act and thus entitled to overtime. As a result of that ruling, this case has been reactivated.