Newsday Reports on ECBAWM Religious Rights Case

  • January 22, 2024

In an article describing ECBAWM’s case on behalf of Marowa Fahmy, Newsday quotes the firm’s partner, Andrew Wilson, as urging law reforms to protect religious rights on the grounds that “[t]here are a variety of things that can be done to balance the concerns of law enforcement while protecting religious rights.” Ms. Fahmy was arrested and forced to remove her hijab, or head covering, and partially undress in front of male officers following a 2022 arrest in Suffolk County, New York. The firm filed a case on her behalf alleging that Suffolk County violated her religious rights by, among other things, refusing to return her hijab for over nine hours, in spite of her religious beliefs.

Ms. Fahmy is represented by ECBAWM lawyers O. Andrew F. Wilson and Sana Mayat. The Newsday article can be found here.