ECBAWM, Barry Diller, and Andrew Cuomo Agree to Deal on Diller Island Construction Project

  • October 25, 2017

On October 25, 2017, Governor Andrew Cuomo, ECBAWM founder Richard Emery, and Barry Diller announced an agreement that would revive the construction of Diller Island, a performing arts center off of Pier 55 in the Hudson River. In response to the new agreement, Richard Emery stated: “On behalf of the plaintiffs City Club, Tom Fox and Rob Buchanan, the completion of Hudson River Park and the protection of the Estuary have always been of utmost importance to the entire environmental, civic and preservation community. Today’s historic commitment by Governor Cuomo to finish the Park and protect the Estuary is a great victory for park users and all New Yorkers. In that spirit, we will not litigate against Pier 55 and will work with the Governor to realize his visionary plan for completion of the Hudson River Park and for protection of the Hudson River.”

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