$5 Million Settlement Awarded to Brothers Starved by Their Foster Parents

  • December 10, 2014

Emery Celli Brinckerhoff Abady Ward & Maazel settled a $5 million lawsuit against the Division of Youth and Family Services (“DYFS”) for neglecting to remove four brothers from the custody of foster parents who had been systematically starving their adopted children. Under the care of the Jackson parents, the oldest brother, age 19, stood at four feet tall and weighed 45 pounds. The three younger brothers, ages 14, 10, and 9, each weighed less than 40 pounds. The DYFS placed the children in the custody of the Jackson family and made numerous visits to the family home. Despite contact with the obviously abused children and warnings from caseworkers, the DYFS failed to remove the boys from the Jacksons’ custody. The three youngest brothers were represented by ECBAWM founding partner Richard Emery.

“$12.5 Million Settlement in Boys’ Starvation Suit,” New York Times