13 ECBAWM Partners Named to Lawdragon’s “500 Leading Civil Rights & Plaintiff Employment Lawyers” 2023 List

  • August 1, 2023

ECBAWM is pleased to announce that 13 firm partners have been named to the “2023 Lawdragon 500 Leading Civil Rights & Plaintiff Employment Lawyers” list. The list was created through a combination of “independent journalistic research, vetting with peers and adversaries and robust submissions,” legal media company Lawdragon explained on its website.

Jonathan S. Abady, Matthew D. Brinckerhoff, Andrew G. Celli, Jr., Richard D. Emery, Debra Greenberger, Diane L. Houk, Julia P. Kuan, Ilann Margalit Maazel, Katherine Rosenfeld, Zoe Salzman, Sam Shapiro, Earl S. Ward, and O. Andrew F. Wilson were each recognized as attorneys “who make it their life’s work to stand up for others who are denied equal treatment, fired, harassed or marginalized in their jobs; shot and killed or subjected to lesser mistreatment by law enforcement or others in position of authority; and sexually abused and violated by those in positions of responsibility.”