Hal Lieberman and Harvey Prager Publish 2016 Edition of New York Attorney Discipline: Practice and Procedure

Hal Lieberman and Harvey Prager, with their co-author, Richard Supple, have updated their book, New York Attorney Discipline Practice and Procedure for 2016. The new publication is now on sale on ALM’s website from the publishers of the New York Law Journal.

The book provides a practical, in-depth, and orderly framework:

  • For lawyers who receive complaints, wish to get admitted to practice, or are subject to discipline
  • For their lawyers
  • For staffs and committee members of disciplinary agencies, and
  • For consumers of legal services.

Hal Lieberman Addresses Disciplinary Commission’s Report on Statewide Attorney Discipline

In response to the publication of the Commission on Statewide Attorney Discipline’s September 2015 Report, Hal Lieberman published an article in the New York Law Journal evaluating the recommendations made in the report with respect to uniformity and fairness.

Mr. Lieberman traces the impact of the recommendations on sanctions and procedure. He commends the proposal of adopting statewide sanctioning guidelines, which will lead to uniform sanctioning outcomes in the future. He also supports the proposal that would yield statewide uniform rules and procedures governing the processing of disciplinary matters, which he calls a “wholly refreshing departure.”