Daniel Kornstein Published in the New York Law Journal

On July 20, 2016, Daniel Kornstein penned an insightful examination of the 2016 presidential campaign in the New York Law Journal. In his thought-provoking analysis, Kornstein ponders the corrosive influence of political defamation and negative campaigning on American democracy, and discusses whether or not the law should play a role in curtailing the threat posed by candidates’ dishonest and inflammatory comments.

To read Daniel Kornstein’s article titled, “Political Defamation and Democracy,” click here.


Hal Lieberman on How to Improve Efficiency in the Attorney Disciplinary Process

Hal Lieberman published a second article in the New York Law Journal concerning the Commission on Statewide Attorney Discipline’s September 2015 Report. His previous article focused on the recommendations that would improve uniformity and fairness. This article considers the recommendations aimed at fostering efficiency within the disciplinary process.

Hal supports the Commission’s suggested two-prong approach: (i) developing a process for disposing of meritless complaints, and (ii) targeting more resources at prosecuting serious cases that warrant public discipline. Read the full article here.


Andrew Wilson publishes article on Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin

Andrew Wilson published an article concerning the Supreme Court’s forthcoming  consideration of Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin with the American Bar Association’s civil rights section. The article provides context for the Supreme Court’s next decision to address affirmative action in college admissions. To read the full article, click here.